Pickle Picked On: Manipulators of the Entire Species to the Rescue

First caught my attention when a woman named Zoe who knows computer things enough to do such things as program python to scrape the timestamps of the senate runoff election. Her link still comes up when you search senate runoff timestamps – all these months later. Not on google search, but other searches.

She pointed out that even though Pickle was allegedly the most popular president ever – remember, his vote total was 81 million, the likes to dislikes on the videos on the white house’s facebook and youtube channels were consistently receiving extraordinary ratios of dislikes to likes. She made a program to scrape the likes and dislikes from the WH channel and found that in fact, even the high numbers that were being seen were less than the amount of dislikes actually received because big tech was removing dislikes from the videos on an ongoing basis. Her data scraper showed that in one 24 hour period, for example, one video, of his press Secretary, had dislikes removed, a video of Susan rice had removed, and one of Joe Biden announcing his racial equity plan had removed. So even though, for example on the Joe Biden race one, it showed to blah the actual total was blah.

The heartening thing about that is that in spite of the relentless manipulation, there appears to be a critical mass of sane people still in this country – outspoken and not buying this crap. All this crap. Hopefully, across the age spans so there will always be some. But that is nice to see.

Of course, the not nice side is that there is a complete interlinked monster of control now in the swamp and in the media, all working together for the globalists and against sovereign nations and free individuals. Crushing all that was good about the internet and what it really offered humanity. Because as I said in a voicemail I left on google voice to see if it would censor my own message (it did a bit) it could have been all humanity wanted to find out all the truth and share our own truths with each other.

But those fuckers squashed it.








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