The insufferable thought of living four years under the cabal’s false victory

Since the media’s tack is to repeat repeat repeat that Joe Biden is president elect – and thus make it so in the minds of many, my tack is to throw up and scream in irritation. As soon as they had declared that Biden “won” by the six states fraudulent tallies – a story came out that said, the 2020 results chane the narrative of the 2016 election. Meaning, the fraudulent results “choosing” Biden, are now going to stand for the fact that 2016 was NOT voters picking Trump because they hate the politiicans and want somone who loves america and shoots straight. No, now it will stand for people were swept up, lied to, whatever, BUT THEN CAME TO THEIR SENSES, REALIZED THEY’D BEEN HOODWINKED in 2020 and picked Biden.

I wanted to capture some of these interesting stories about absentee ballots, and put links to the two lawsuits Sidney Powell filed in Michigan and Georgia yesterday – which twitter then BLOCKED people from linking to. They are court filings!!! Censored! Crazy.

  1. here’s one

2. here’s two (this one defending dominon)

3. and here is the professor whose report was attached to the lawsuit among many other affidavits.

4. from a website named

5. a feb story about rules being changed in 2020 for votes

6. and this

7. dakjfajf/

8.and the lawsuit

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