An irritating thing now, but threatened by lies

It’s time to update my wordpress about the status of the coronavirus pandemic in CA and the USA. Happy to report on the one hand that the lock downs were lifted, the beaches are open again, but there are still some nagging lamenesses about it.

One, mystery, no businesses that are large and must have lost absolutely millions, such as disney and knott’s, are pushing to reopen.  Is it because there is no way to make it a good p.r. thing, because better safe than sorry, and it’s just amusement parks, and they’ll look greedy?  Or is it that they somehow know or are getting paid or are somehow able to write off the losses against the taxes they would owe if they stay shut?  I’m thinking a combo. But it does kind of hurt the smaller businesses push back on the government restrictions when the big companies are like, we’;ll just stay shut, see, we’er staying shut.  Movie theaters too, and um, sports, and air travel.  I note that because I am suspicious due to there is usually some hidden thing behind when big corporations just bend the knee, and are who I consider probably also part of the cabal, I assume there is something nefarious behind it that I have missed so far.

The second odd thing is that even though I believe under 10 children under 18 have died from coronavirus, the state is not letting the schools reopen with kids in their actual classrooms.  The paper had a headline “over 100,000 us kids test positive for covid-19”. What they don’t mention is that that very thing is how you build herd immunity – because they catch it, but don’t die, then they become immune to getting it again. It is how the immune system works.  So you want the age groups who don’t die from it out and about mixing, getting it, getting maybe a bit sick, but recovering, then you have a big bunch of the population immune.  Just keep them away from the vulnerable.

Okay, so they can’t open without some waiver thing from the government and I just think it sucks for them to be not in school where they can socialize and learn.  However, at the same time, I do note that I support the idea of home school, so that is weird I think that, given that I also think that the schools are manipulating kids brains in an improper direction against america and morality and truth.  So maybe this could be good.

LA teachers union made a bizarre list of demands about what they wanted before they’d go back to school, including that charter schools be shut down.  Versus everyone on the left and right who are parents likes the idea of charter schools because they get a choice where their kid goes to school, and it is one of the situations where it seems private industry can do it better than public.. Public results in a lot of bloating.  And nowadays, all these stupid requirements are put on schools if they want to receive any public funding from the federal government, which has centralized the power, and was one of the ways the evil cabal centralized power in education and now uses these rules to spread their evil and shut down what they don’t like.  Title IX, title 7, all these anti-discrimination rules, it’s terrible.  I just can’t believe the things that are being taught in college now, the kids are turned against their own race and their own country. So maybe it is better if they don’t go back to school. I just know I would have hated to be stuck with my parents and without my social group at that age. Then again, now they all are just on their phones and don’t really have actual friends they actually put down their phones and talk to or do activities with, so who knows.  I do wonder if it is partly a way to keep everyone from talking in order to manipulate the 2020 presidential election.


Since they think that if people talk they will realize people do not support Biden and the commie left Democratic  party and then if they try and say they won people will know its a lie.  But if you keep the libraries closed (they are still closed) and the schools, that cuts out one of the ways people find out what actual others think about things.  I think the cabal always experiments on a small \scale what they want to bring in on a large scale, I think the cabal is going all out to prevent President Trump from being reelected, I think social media and the platforms are completely manipulated against him and to make people who aren’t red pilled believe that the msm is what “most” people think.

There is one more lie with coronavirus which is irritating me and that is that people who are covid-19 positive from mexico – either us citizens, permanent resident,s or Mexican citizens, are being flown to us hospitals in the border states of AZ ca and TX, and then the spike in numbers is being blamed on reopening.  It is not fair that they keep coming across, they stayed in mexico when america was on strict lock down, then when the cases spiked there, they came up here.  Bringing the disease with them.  And worse, they are not being contained in one or two hospitals, because the hospitals are overwhelmed in us by this, they are being airlifted at taxpayer expense to other hospitals – thus spreading it far and wide through the hospitals which were made open and available by americans sadly being locked down to flatten the curve.

Here are multiple articles about aspects of this. One two three four five six seven eight  nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eightteen nineteen twenty twenty-one

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