The Immensity of Time

In response to the rioters and the insane wishing to bring communism and world order to a Constitutional republic – an answer from force people cannot truly grasp, which is the immensity of time.

In thinking about my fears of fraud in the upcoming presidential election (100 days out) and how many forces of bad are aligned on the other side to stop this good. All for what?

Rather than sink into despair, I am reminding myself of the immensity of time. To that end, I would like to share with you the two descriptions of time I have found that explain the incomprehensible vastness of time in a comprehensible manner.

The first is from Robert Ardrey’s book, African Genesis, which is all I have time for today (the other comes from Charles Murray’s Human Achievement)

In a chapter titled The Romantic Fallacy, Ardrey warmly discusses that each one of us believe somehow that we are the center of the universe.  Yet, his discussion leaves you feeling understood, and that it is actually a strength, an evolutionary development in our brain that allows us to keep going on in life, despite all.  The ending paragraph is,

“In our investigation of the animal sources of human behavior, we need not, fortunately, give critical attention to such of our qualities as seem exclusively human.  The Illusion of Central Position, if it exists, may perhaps be one of these./  But before we pass on to a concept more appropriate to our investigations, one paradoxical footnote should be added to the brief little story of man’s grand illusion.  The theory states that maturity is achieved by the acceptance of reality and the capacity to absorb each disillusionment and still keep going. Nonetheless the theory grants that should a man ever attain a state of total maturity, ever come to see himself, in other words, in perfect mathematical relationship to the two and one half billion members of his species, and that in perfect mathematical relationship to the tide of tumultuous life which has risen upon the earth and in which we represent a single swell; and furthermore come to see our earth as but one opportunity for life among uncounted millions in our galaxy alone, and our galaxy as but one statically improbability, nothing more, in the silent mathematics of all things – should a man, in sum, ever achieve the final, total truthful Disillusionment of Central Position, then in all likelihood he would no longer keep going but would simply lie down, wherever he happened to be, and with a long drawn sigh return to the oblivion from which he came. “

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